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Apryl And Fizz Reveal Their Thoughts On Moniece Slaugter Leaving Love And Hip HOP — She Responds

Moniece Slaughter has been a staple on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and even made an appearance on the Atlanta installment when she started a romance with Scrapp Deleon. The mother of one is saying goodbye to the franchise who put her on the map and her baby daddy and his girlfriend revealed their thoughts on it.

For the last few seasons of the show, Moniece has called it a toxic work environment that affects her mental health. She has often called out producers for the way the editing on the show makes her seem.

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#PressPlay: The #LHHH cast members were asked about their thoughts on #MonieceSlaughter’s departure from the show. Here’s what some of them had to say 👀 #Roommates, do you think she’ll return? (📹: @loveandhiphop, @vh1, @omfgrealitytv)

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Now that she has fulfilled her contractual obligation, Slaughter is done with the reality series — or is she?

In a video shared by the shade room, Apryl and Fizz offered their opinion about Moniece’s claim.

Jones doesn’t believe it.

‘I’d be happy if this was her last season but I don’t believe anything Moniece says, I believe she will come back. I believe one day she will need the check because she has nothing else going on. Moniece talks a lot, that’s why at this point we believe it’s blah blah blah.’

Meanwhile, the B2K singer believes she will be back if she’s allowed.

‘Moniece has nothing going on and at the end of the day if she’s allowed to come back, she will.’

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#ClapbackSeason: #Moniece responds to #Fizz after he shares his thoughts on her leaving #LHHH (Swipe to view previous post)

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The singer fired back at the couple on her own page with a caption that read: ‘Please do not make me have to come out of early retirement strictly to go one more round wit you and yo b**** one good god d**n time! But for real this time. I’m gon go ahead and get my head right, come back and f*** yours up. Matter of fact @waltermosley…hit Zevit. I was tryna leave peacefully but a b**** n**** just don’t wanna see me be great. So let me cut up once or twice. Take a n**** out for good. Don’t forget who really came through and ran you out.’

Do you think she is really done with the show?

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